Monday, August 29, 2016

Book Theory: Rowan Dies in Empire of Storms?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOO

**This post contains spoilers for the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas**

Say it isn't so!

So recently, Brittney over at Her Bookish Things and I were discussing one of our favorite topics: the great works of Sarah J. Maas. Specifically, Brittney had read some things and put some clues together to suggest that in the next installment of the Throne of Glass series, Rowan--the silver-haired Fae super-hunk love interest of Aelin Galathynius that we've all come to know and love (and obsess over, AMIRITE?)--is going to....BE KILLED OFF?!!?

That's right, folks. Through announcements made by Queen Maas herself (that we're all going to hate her after this book) and cover clues (Aelin's wearing feathers (seemingly in memoriam), and as we all know, Hawk is the new black in the world of Fae heartthrobs), it really seems like something dire might occur to our beloved Fae prince and Aelin's carranam (and perhaps...mate?!?!?!?).

 But wait--here's MY theory:

Alright, so *really* don't quote me on this, guys (it's a theory--I have no insider info or psychic mind-reading abilities, I swear! *pleasedon'thatemeifI'mwrong*)

Rowan is going to "die".

Rowan will "die" in his hawk form (maybe get "eaten" by a wyvern or "burned" so there's no evidence/body), leaving only a few feathers behind, which Aelin picks up and wears, in memory/mourning/to fuel her hatefire. She's sad, we're sad (and PISSED at SJM), but then BAM! He'll be back when we're least expecting him/most missing him. It'll be great. I SAID GREAT, OK!? *HEADCANON ACCEPTED* 

So, here's the thing. Rowan's been around for a long time. He's *literally* a silver fox (LOL). He's a badass warrior and he's survived countless battles and kicked all the asses and takes none of the crap from any of the people. He's a fighter and a survivor. I'd want him on my team, no hesitations.

PLUS, he and Aelin are carranam, and her specialty is fire, so he's gotta be at least a little fireproof (fire resistant?), which obviously they won't know about until after he shows back up, duuuh.

(At this point, not only am I thinking up crazy theories, but I'm also in hard denial.)

SJM CAN'T kill Rowan off! Aelin has been through SO. MUCH. CRAP. She needs a break from her loved ones dying. To be awesome and to kick all the asses. 

Chaol is a no-go anymore, since he's currently...actually not going anywhere himself (ba-dum, tsss. Too soon?), and Aelin gave him the two-thumbs-up, you-go-guy to be with Nesryn (which I think is a totally adorable pairing that fits well with all the personalities involved--YOU KNOW I'M RIGHT).

And honestly I'd just kind of be mad if ANOTHER love interest was brought in now. Aelin needs her people by her side and needs to be focused on the task at hand--defeating the Valg and rebuilding Terrasen and going to Lysandraland for 4 o'clock tea (the important things, right?).

And I know a little tragedy is always good for drama and feels, but I've seen how that has turned out before, and let's just say...I didn't like it *coughDowntonAbbeycough*.

Plus, we saw in Queen of Shadows how great SJM is at a twist (that whole thing with Arrobyn and the controlling Valg ring that turn out to be fake? I was *totally* fooled and *totally* stressed out about it haha), so I think it will really *seem* like he's gone, but I think (hope/pray/burn offerings at the altar of Zeus) he'll be back.

So now that I've gotten all of your hopes up, what do you think?  Will Rowan die? Be saved? Or do you think SJM was talking about something else altogether?  Let me know!!

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