Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Book Review: A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

What it's about:

A boy named Conor awakes seven minutes past midnight to discover a monster in his backyard.  Conor hasn't got time for a monster. His mother is ill and nobody seems to want to tell him what's really going on, what's really happening. The monster comes walking because it has something important for Conor, but it also needs something important from him.

What I thought:  

Hold on to your hats, guys. Or your tissue boxes. (Or both, really, if I'm honest)
This one was a tearjerker (Really. I was a sobbing snotty mess through just about the last 1/4 of the book. Sorry for that image, but it really wasn't pretty.)

This book is both realistic and fantastical, modern and primal, is written in a way that younger readers can relate but that adult readers can also *feel*.  My heart absolutely broke for Conor and his family. The story was beautifully crafted and the illustrations lent themselves perfectly to the darkness of the tale. 

This story is about grief and belief and hope and sorrow and coping, but most importantly it's about truth.  A monster was called because a monster was needed, but it wasn't clear exactly why until it hits you and leaves you a crying ball of sadness.

(It's a good thing I had one of my kitties on hand to make me feel better LOL)

I loved this book, even though it broke my heart.  It burrows down to your core and rips a gaping hole and I would *absolutely* recommend it to anyone.  I hope the film version does this amazing little story justice.

Rating:  5 blurry stars (because tears)

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