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Favorite EoS Fan Theories!!

**This post most DEFINITELY contains spoilers for Books 1-4 of the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. If you aren't caught up, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.**  <3

Ok, people.  It's almost here. In honor of the fandom losing its mind over the release of Empire of Storms, I've compiled a list of my favorite fan theories (found on tumblr and instagram) to both give us some hope...and maybe also dash some of our dreams away. I'm excited and worried to see if any of these theories become canon!

THE LIST:  (broken into categories by type)


  • Aedion will die?! (Nuuuuuu)
    • Tumblr user rrhys theorizes that our favorite snarky but loyal royal cousin is going to bite the dust. (Though possibly in ToG #6) 
    • Reasons: 
      • He's Aelin's only remaining family, and we all know (dread) that someone in the Terrasen inner Court circle is going to most likely be killed off (because why else would the sane fans "hate" SJM?)
      • He has use still, having connections to the remaining loyal Terrasen dwellers/rebels and clearly there's some Lysandraedion stuff bubbling
      • HOWEVER, in the long run, she thinks Lysandra is and independent woman who don't need no man, and that since killing him off will really hurt us, as readers, it's a possibility.
      • Full theory/explanation here.
      • A photo posted by @heir.of.fire on
  • Rowan will die?! (double nuuuuu)
    • In my previous post, I mentioned that Brittney from Her Bookish Things and I had been talking about the potential death of hawk shape-shifting, silver haired Fae uber babe Rowan Whitethorn (Can you tell I love him?)
    • Clues:
      • Aelin's wearing feathers on the cover. What has feathers? Hawks. Who can turn into a hawk? (I wonder....)
      • Killing Rowan off would be one of the worst things to happen to Aelin. They're carranam, possibly bonded mates, and warrior bffs. It would destroy both her and us (#TeamRowan), which would definitely give the baddies a leg up, however temporary (I can so imagine the nuclear-style blast that Aelin would create to smite her enemies if this happened.)
      • However, I think he might "die"--as in, go MIA, presumed dead. Because can SJM *really* do that to Aelin? :'(
      • Full theory here.
    • Whilst fueling my neverending hunger for ToG trash, I stumbled across this instagram post, and am now obsessed with this theory:
    • It just makes sense to me, and I love the idea that everyone will be thinking that all is lost, but then Rowan will totally go and scoot her on out of there, but she'll see Nehemia again and make peace with that aspect of the story's events.
    • Also immortality, which will totally just demolish the problem of Rowaelin not being 2gethr 4ever (because nobody will die of old age way before the other one).
    • It will still be a happy ending, and that's all I really want. xD
Misc: (because if nobody dies, I won't have a reason to be sad, right?)

  • Aelin/Aedion are siblings, not cousins (Wait..what?)
    • Tumblr user throneofships gives us a theory that questions the parentage of Aedion, suggesting a torrid love affair between Evalin (Aelin's mom) and Gavriel (Aedion's birth father), as well as a couple "old switcheroos" to keep it on the DL.
    • Full post found here.
  • Aelin inherited Blackbeak abilities when she killed Baba Yellowlegs?
    • kaltainrompier on Tumblr suggests that Manon mentioned someone killing a Matron and surviving gives said killer some of the Matron's powers...which could lead to Aelin being iron-immune, among other things.
    • This, while not super important as of yet, could come in handy both in fighting the non-Thirteen witches ('cause I still think they'll join #TeamTerrasen), as well as finally delivering Maeve the bitch-slap she deserves.
    • Original post here.
The one that might blow your mind:

There, my friends, are my favorite fan theories.  I can't wait to read Empire of Storms to find out what Queen Maas has in store for us. I'll just make sure to have some tissues handy, as I've heard it's a doozy.

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